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AVG Antivirus Free


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AVG Technologies  |  1 more applications - April 20, 2020
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AVG Antivirus Free
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Spending a lot of money for antivirus protection might not appeal to everyone, especially to users who might have never been infected by malware before. That is why most people turn to free antivirus tools, which are barely noticed on their computers.

Even for a free version, AVG Free Antivirus certainly comes packed with various features, which set it aside from the competition. Let's name a few: File Shield, Behavior Shield, along with Email and Web Shields.

The choice of free options doesn't end here. You can also install the SafePrice browser extension for always knowing the best prices for products you shop online, and there is also a File Shredder, which can make sure a file you delete can't be recovered by anyone.

You can run a scan from the Scan Computer button on the home screen, and you can also choose the scan you want by clicking the gear icon. There are also some exotic options, such as Performance Scan or Boot-Time Scan, which do more than just check for malware.

Still, the choice of components feels weaker than the ones of its peer, Avast. Since we mentioned Avast, it's good to mention that Avast has actually acquired AVG Technologies, explaining the fact that these two look and behave almost the same!

In conclusion, if you are looking for a solid and free antivirus protection, then AVG Free Antivirus might be the right choice. Still, its scans on average take longer than from other similar free tools, and they often fail to detect malware which is picked up by others.

• Easy to download, install, and use
• Light on system resources while running in the background
• Great for casual users
• Fails to detect malware that other free AVs do
• Scans take a while and slow down your PC greatly
• Lacking in diverse components
• Feels like a stripped down version of Avast


Minimum requirements

• Intel Pentium 1.5 GHz
• 950 MB free hard drive space (for installation)
• 512 MB RAM

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